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Our goal is to design beautiful, functional, and more importantly, modern Android applications for the on-the-go Christian.

Just because you want to spread the word of Christ doesn't mean you have to resort to outdated technology. With our new applications, live wallpapers, and other Android products, Code for Christ aims to bring Christians into the modern age.
Which of our products would you like to explore?
The Quotes of God app provides a modern makeover for your daily inspiration.
Get to know the Bible one random quote at a time! From the KJV Bible, our app gives you more than just the most quoted passages like other quote apps do; we pull quotes from all bible passages.
Everyone lives in a fast-paced world and not everyone can take time to read the Bible, but with our app one can supplement and quickly refresh themselves on passages while on the go.
Beautiful home screen widget with a new quote every day!
Share function for sharing with others on Facebook, Twitter, text message, and more!
Random Quotes from all passages and books, not just the most popular!
Read aloud button — have your Android device read bible quotes to you!
James Anderson, the founder of CFC.
CFC was formed by a small group of students and friends who share a common interest of bringing together Christianity and technology. Right now we have four members, but our numbers are constantly fluctuating as new people come in to get experience and help to spread the word of our Lord, as well as build up a community where people can share, discover, and create!
We hope to build up our organization and create a large community spanning multiple states, even countries! We want to provide learning and job experience for those in need and be able to donate time to help the Earth's population discover the word of God.
Be it feedback, bug reports, or if you just want to chat about Christianity or life, Code for Christ is always accepting e-mails here! We'll try to get back to you within 24 hours (except for Sundays!)

  God bless to all !